About Us

We are obsessed with perfection. We work round the clock, making certain that there is no flaw in our procedure to help you serve the best. Our auxiliary services at ports or wherever would be assigned are internationally reliable, consistent and highly unbeaten. We as an organization have an inbuilt motive of offering services at the ports or our sites and helping them reach the client within stipulated amount of time, handled with care throughout the voyage and delivered with utmost meticulousness with precision. Perhaps this is what drives our employees as well- the desire to serve.

We adhere to client’s demands with a self motivated team of experts, beautiful infrastructure, high end facilities and an assurance that the procedure will be completed without a fickle. We have an extensive obligation to wide range total service offering a pretty range of clearing and forwarding services ensuring correct customs documentation, with complete satisfaction of the client involved. Speedy clearance and reliable performances, transshipment, re-export and free zone documentation are carried out throughout U.A.E. Airports and Seaports.

Currently we have three sister firms running under the name of Leon Holding Group:

  • LeonRak
  • Leon Trading Center
  • Leon Services